Thursday, June 12, 2008

Incredible: Two More Lost Tribes Discovered!

A blah blah blogger Exclusive Report:

Just weeks after two previously undiscovered tri
bes where found in Brazil, two more were found, this time in North America.

As the shock was wearing off of scientists who confirmed that it was still possible for the existence of a tribe in South America to go unnoticed up until a few weeks ago, they are completely stunned at the discovery of two more lost tribes; this time in North America.

Anthropologists studying the tribes have come to the conclusion that they appear to be even more unaware of the world around them, and according to anthropologist Dick Whittlemeyer, "They have a spoken and written language that is completely undecipherable."

"They seemed very friendly, smiling a lot at all of the researchers. They were content to talk and write gibberish all day long, for days and days and accomplish nothing. It still is not clear if the two tribes are aware of each other, but there is no doubt that they have no connection to the rest of the world around them."

Two photographs have been released depicting the tribe's people in their natural habitat:

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