Monday, November 06, 2006

John Kerry's October Surprise

Sen. John Kerry came in with this year’s midterm elections October surprise a day late and a dollar short. The funny thing is, the surprise was in reverse, and he sprung it on himself and the rest of the Democratic Party.

Kerry attempted to explain away the remarks he made on November 1, characterizing members of the United States armed forces as uneducated and underprivileged, as a botched joke, and it may have well been intended as such. Yet, Sen. John Kerry has viewed the American military with contempt for at least three decades. According to the Boston Globe Newspaper, in 1972 during a bid for Congress, Kerry said that he opposes an all volunteer military because he believed it will be filled with underprivileged and uneducated people. Kerry’s Freudian slip clearly reveals that he believes his own prophesy to have come true.

Typical of Kerry’s flip-flop intellect, during his 1972 campaign for Congress, Kerry went on to express his opposition to both a volunteer army and the draft. Yes, you better stop and read that last sentence again. Whom does Kerry believe will take up the defense of our nation, the Boy Scouts, or perhaps the American Civil Liberties Union? Of course, if he believes that beating our swords into plow shears will cause the rest of the world to follow suit then he would be satisfied with Mother Goose watching out for us.

The rest of the democrats are scrambling to get some distance between themselves and the man they chose as a presidential contender and John Kerry’s intellect must be called into question. Does he actually have the facts to back up his characterization of the American military, or does he have such an inflated ego that facts only serve to get in the way of his own proclamations? The facts, in fact, strongly disagree with John Kerry.

According to research conducted by the Heritage Foundation:

The average reading level of new soldiers is roughly a full grade level higher than their civilian peers’.

Enlistees’ high school graduation rate was 97 percent in 2003, 2004, and 2005. The civilian graduation rate is seventeen percentage points lower.

The wealthiest 40 percent of neighborhoods in America are the home of 45.6 percent of 2005 enlistees. For every two U.S. recruits from the poorest neighborhoods, three come from the richest.

There is no statistical evidence to support the claim that minorities are being targeted or exploited for military service. The 100 zip codes with the highest proportions of African-Americans were actually under-represented among military enlistees in 2005.

Every U.S. military recruit of the last 33 years has been a volunteer.

The majority of democrats will not be influenced by Sen. Kerry’s remarks and they will continue to vote for democrats. The vote will not be swayed in that way. The vote will be swayed by the large republican base who had previously decided to sit out this election because of their frustration with the current republican leadership whom they perceive as governing like fence sitters rather than conservatives. These republicans now feel forced to go to the polls and prevent the worst of the two evils from gaining power.

John Kerry has done for the republicans what the republicans could not do for themselves, namely, mobilize the republican base to vote this Tuesday.

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