Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere! Chocolate Show in New York City

On November 10 and 11, the 9th Annual International Chocolate Show, in New York City, was an adventure in sweet and bitter, white and dark, roasted cocoa beans and every chocolate confections in-between! The metropolitan Pavilion and Altman Building located at 125 West 18th Street housed the 40,000 square foot chocolate extravaganza.

There were more than 80 exhibitors from all over the world offering samples of artisan confections, mountains of decadent truffles, bittersweet bonbons, and chocolate fountains for dipping slices of apples and grapes in. Heavenly aromas surrounded chocolate lovers compelling them to meet chocolatiers and pastry chefs from America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The turn of every corner, revealed chocolate in form most people have never dreamed existed. Spectacular sculptures and paintings crafted from chocolate were to be found along with mannequins dressed in fashions from The Chocolate Fashion Show that was happening in the city concurrent with the Chocolate Show. The mannequins featured chocolate hats, chocolate dresses and chocolate adornments and jewelry. On Friday afternoon show goers even managed to rub elbows with Inside Edition’s Diane McInerney who was there taping a segment about the Chocolate Show.

The process of creating chocolate was laid out at the Chocolate Weiss booth, showing cacao pods, roasted cocoa beans and large chunks of extracted cocoa and cocoa butter in their raw state. Their roasted cocoa beans dusted with unsweetened cocoa and chilly powder was a bitter, spicy treat that was surprisingly tasty and satisfying.

Talk about aroma, the 1001 Saveurs/Spices & Teas display was irresistible. The display was large and colorful, with every imaginable spice that could take the spice lover for a trip around the world in tastes and aromas.

Chocolate cuisine cooking lessons and demonstrations kept audiences captivated with expert chefs creating tempting cookies and candies.

Of course, the show came complete with a t-shirt and hat table featuring chocolate scented shirts!

The $25.00 entrance fee was well worth the endless adventure in chocolate samples, education and crafts with a relaxed, family atmosphere.

Here are some notable chocolate artisans and their websites:

Koppers Chocolate - “each bite is a work of art” -

Cocoa Locoa - “Fine Chocolate” -

E. Guittard - “Vintage Chocolate Making in the French Tradition” -

Chocolate Bar - “Featuring signature truffles made without preservatives or additives” -

Romanicos - “Fresh Chocolate” -

Cosmic Bombs - “Ecstasy Art Flavor” -

Yum, yum!!!! I love chocolate! How's things?
Here's how to make delicious chocolate covered strawberries. First of all ensure that the strawberries you are intending to use are dry, then allow them to be room temperature warm prior to making them. After the strawberries have been covered in chocolate, put them in your refrigerator to cool, but do not store them in the fridge. Consume within 1-2 days.
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