Monday, October 23, 2006

Brewtopia Beer Fest - New York City

This past weekend yours truly attended the Brewtopia Beer Fest in New York City at the Jaboc Javitz Convention Center. Arrival at the beer fest revealed a very long line of suds guzzling t-shirt and blue jeans crowd of young and old, men and women, waiting to sample the best brew of the best breweries the world has to offer.

There was no shortage of noise supplied by a large enthusiastic crowd of beer drinkers and music from a local FM radio station. Over one hundred breweries offered endless samples of each of their craft, accompanied by the occasional free t-shirt or hat. One of the most popular exhibits offering free hats was the El Aguila exhibit whose "El Aguila Girls" handed out free hats to anyone who said "El Aguila."

The El Aguila beer itself was "fruity" and refeshing, but not the best brew at the beer fest. Yet, this exhibit proved to be the most popular at the fest!

The Heartland Brewery, located nearby in New York City, is among this blogger's favorite brewery (for actual beer, not just the girls). Their Corn Husker Brew is light, refreshing and leaves a distinct, nutty aftertaste on the tongue.

Equally delectable is their Farmer John Brew which is darker and heavier in nature, but remains dry and also boasts a "nutty" aftertaste.

Another outstanding brand was "He'Brew." Aside from being very imaginative, their I.P.A. beer brewed with rye was truly a change from most of the standard hops and malt brew. Very dry and dark, the hops and rye complimented each other without either of the flavors being overwhelming. Welldone!

With so many beers and so little time, to list them all here would be impossible. The $60.00 entrance fee was well worth it, except for the fact the food court was lacking and the music was much too loud, Brewtopia should not be missed the next time it comes around.

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